Data Recovery Service

Afraid of losing important data? We do our best to recover your sensitive business data.

A virus attack, an accidental reformat or even a physical damage to your laptop or hard drive may result in losing highly valuable information stored on your Toshiba/dynabook product. No need to worry! The Data Recovery Service helps you getting back your lost files. If your lost data could be recovered successfully, it will be delivered to you on a new hard drive.

Why purchase a Data Recovery Service?

  • Purchasing the service now can save you tremendous costs later should your valuable data need to be recovered.
  • With our long-standing expertise in Data Recovery, you can be sure of total confidentiality of your data.
  • Upon successful recovery, your data will be provided on a brand new hard drive to get your workforce back working in no time.

Data Recovery Service

Duration: Valid for 3 years starting from the purchase date of your Toshiba/dynabook product

Service Description: Secure your valuable data with our Data Recovery Service that in case you have lost your data, we will do our utmost to recover it. Furthermore, the duration of your standard warranty will be extended.


  • •  Recovery of your lost data
  • •  Delivery of the recovered data on a new hard drive
  • •  Warranty Extension

Purchase Period: Service can be purchased within 90 days of procurement of your Toshiba/dynabook product

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