AC Adaptor - 75W/19V/3.95A - 3pin

Part number:  PA5034E-1AC3

AC Adaptor - 75W/19V/3.95A - 3pin

Universal AC Adapter to power your notebook through your home or office electric socket.

Toshiba's Universal AC Adapter can be used anywhere in the world with the appropriate power cord. Same quality, reliability, and specification as the original Toshiba AC Adapter included with your laptop. So, why not buy an extra AC Adapter to be kept at home, in the office, or when travelling.
Please note the power cord is not included. This can be ordered separately by clicking here
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AC Adaptor - 75W/19V/3.95A - 3pin
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Performance Out 75 W, 3.95 A
Volt 19 V
Connection 3Pin
Colour black
Note Product picture may differ from original product
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